FF Doku

FastFinder Version 8

  • User / group-based permissions management regarding display, delete and share.
  • Search of Solid Edge documents to any properties.
  • Self-defined search queries with logical AND-or-non-linkage.
  • Free design regarding the presentation surface. The selection and location of the properties.
  • Direct-reference (included in), BOM (consists of) and associated revisions and direct change to these documents.
  • ** Presentation of the classification tree, the BOM or the directory structure. **
  • Display eponymous Not Solid Edge documents.
  • Preview function.
  • Printing in cooperation with Print4SE.
  • Overview of all currently open documents with Solid Edge.
  • Direct call of a found document for editing Solid Edge Solid Edge, if installed, or for viewing the Solid Edge Viewer.
  • Direct obstruct found a Solid Edge document (Assembly, Part ..) in an open Solid Edge assembly.
  • Direct support for the derivation of a found Solid Edge document (Assembly, Part, ..) in an open drawing.
  • Support for the creation of copies, revisions, in testing, categorize and share Solid Edge documents, as well as filling it text field.
  • Automatic transfer from indirect changes in the central database.
  • Extensive integration with Solid Edge, such as the property manager and the material table.